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Every Company, every employee and every person that comes into our day to day environment must take responsibility for their impact on the planet. One of the biggest environmental impacts is waste. We all generate it and we all have the ability to influence what happens to it. And most people do.

What about the waste your company generates?

Consider Sustainaible Materials

The most difficult and expensive element of waste management is segregating all the different types of waste materials in order that they can be processed in the most environmental way.

Not all packaging is the same material.



Planning at every stage

Knowledge & Data

Futur First specializes in waste & recycling and can help you in various ways:

  • Understanding the sources and types of waste produced
  • Achieving zero landfill goals
  • Measuring waste volumes for each material
  • Efficiently segregating and handling waste
  • Identifying the most environmentally-friendly waste disposal methods
  • Increasing waste reduction and recycling efforts
  • Continuously reducing your environmental impact related to waste.

Sustainability Top 5


Waitrose stops providing disposable cups in all is stores..


Patagonia offer their customers a free repair on many of their goods. They also encourage customers to return no longer wanted goods so they can be either re sold to converted into new products.


Nike “Reuse-A-Shoe program. Worn out shoes are ground up to make a material called NIKE GRIND which is then used to make surfaces for athletics grounds or kids playgrounds.


There are currently 24 Energy from Waste Facilities (EWF’s) in the UK. They took 3.28 million tonnes of waste in 2018 and produced 450 kwh per input tonne – equivalent to powering 37.5 million homes.


NO! – Just don’t do it!


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