Managing waste generated at store and distribution centres efficiently and cost effectively with least impact to the environment.


The vast majority of today’s retailers, both high street and internet distribute their products via distribution centres. Vehicles leave full but return empty.

By backhauling as much waste as possible and processing that waste back at the distribution centre will yield much higher rebates for recyclable materials such as cardboard and plastics. By also backhauling other materials such as pallets, metal, wood, WEEE, and even general waste and bulking them up this will also dramatically reduce overall waste costs and free up labour time.

Utilising waste equipment such as balers and compactors at the distribution centre will further create better-operating efficiency as well as reducing waste uplift costs.

Many of the largest UK retailers have adopted this strategy and they have removed the vast majority of waste costs at stores and receive higher rebates due to consolidation of volume and better segregation of material.

Futur First have had experience in working with many retailers to implement this strategy and have created bespoke processes to maximize operating procedure with the minimum input of labour.

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