Shopping Centres

Recognizing change from traditional stores to new leisure and F&B and implementing new services to cope with radically extended opening times.


The traditional shopping centre arena is radically changing. Consumers are looking for much more of a memorable experience such as family dining, going to the cinema or engaging in other sociable activities as well as traditional shopping.

Shopping Centres are now having to cater for different waste streams in greater volumes.

  • What is the best solution for managing Food (bones as well as packaged food waste) and Glass?
  • How do manage waste over a much longer working day?
  • What are the effects of increases to minimum living wage having on overall
    operating costs?
  • How are you managing retailers who are keeping rebates on recyclable
    material to themselves and leaving you with the rest of the waste?

Futur First has a wealth of experience in this market place. We have introduced new technology such as waste to water machines and glass crushing equipment. We have analysed labour operating processes and measured it against return on material rebates.

  • Now many waste contractors divert material away from landfill, is total segregation still the best practice?

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